IA2015I’m pleased to announce that the College of Law Practice Management is now accepting applications for the 11th Annual InnovAction Awards!  The InnovAction Awards is a world-wide search for lawyers, law firms, law departments, and others in the legal services field that have invented or successfully applied new business practices to the delivery of legal services.  The goal of the InnovAction Awards is to demonstrate to the legal community what can be created when dedicated professionals with big ideas and strong convictions are determined to make a difference.

 InnovAction Awards may be awarded in the following categories:

  • In-House
  • Law Schools
  • Law Firms
  • Service Providers and 
  • Pro Bono/Judiciary

Judging Criteria:

  • Disruption: does this entry change an important element of the legal services process for the better, and marketplace expectations along with it?
  • Value: is the client and/or legal industry better off because of this entry, in terms of the affordability, ease, relevance or its effect on legal services?
  • Effectiveness: has this entry delivered real, demonstrable or measurable benefits, for the provider, its clients, or the marketplace generally?
  • Originality: is this a novel idea or approach, or a new twist on an existing idea or approach?



Any individual lawyer or law firm, practicing anywhere in the world, or any business providing services to lawyers, law firms or consumers are eligible. An individual lawyer or law firm may submit more than one entry so long as they are not duplicative.

 Only entries submitted in accordance with these instructions will be considered. We reserve the right to disqualify, at any time, any and all entries that do not comply with these instructions. All entries and supporting documents are subject to verification. Once submitted, entries become the property of the College of Law Practice Management and will not be returned. All entrants must be willing for their entries to be the subject of articles published in legal and business media. All entrants must be available for interviews and provide requested information in connection with verification of entries to The College of Law Practice Management. Any entrant who fails to comply with the foregoing will be disqualified.

Law firms employing members of the Board of Trustees of the College of Law Practice Management or members of the InnovAction Award Selection Committee will be ineligible for consideration.

For additional information, read the information below and go to the How to Enter page to learn more.

You can read about the winners here and browse the Hall of Fame to learn more about past Award recipients.

Look around to see if your organization’s work might qualify it for an InnovAction Award. What has your firm done in the last few years to improve its level of client satisfaction, develop stronger leadership, leverage existing knowledge, or open new markets for its services? Innovation should be recognized and rewarded!

For more information on the InnovAction Awards, please visit www.innovactionaward.com.  Please contact Stacey at smcintyre@colpm.org if you have any questions about the InnovAction Awards.  The deadline for submitting an application is June 30, 2015

See here for the full press release.

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