Recruiting and Staffing Law Firm Pricing and Project Management Roles

by Timothy B. Corcoran on January 17, 2014

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Please join me and top recruiter Steve Nelson of the McCormick Group as we present our second webinar in a series on identifying and hiring the right talent for your pricing and project management roles: Putting All the Pieces Together. We’ll focus primarily on law firm roles but the discussion will also be relevant to to in-house legal departments, as there are similar challenges.  What skill set is best equipped to drive innovative pricing discussions in your firm?  Some firms seek a trainer to help the partners better understand alternative fee models and when they apply.  Others are looking for a business analyst who can crunch numbers.  Still others desire a client-facing executive who can interact directly with the client’s finance and operations counterparts in order to better connect the dots.  It’s the same challenge for project management:  Some firms seek a heads-down manager to capably monitor a project plan and keep the team on track.  Others seek a firm-wide resource who can educate lawyers about this new skill.  And there are numerous variations on this theme.

Additional issues to be covered include:

–Status of project management programs in the AmLaw 200

–The importance of doing a project management audit

–What training do your existing lawyers and administrators need before embarking on a legal project management program?

–The interaction between project management and alternative pricing, particularly from a staffing point of view

–How does project management fit into your organizational chart?

–Where do your project management professionals need to reside? Issues of geography and relocation

Please join us on February 4, 2014 at 1 PM ET for the on-hour interactive webinar.  For more details and to register, click here.


Timothy B. Corcoran delivers keynote presentations and conducts workshops to help lawyers, in-house counsel and legal service providers profit in a time of great change.  To inquire about his services, contact him at +1.609.557.7311 or at

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